Myopia treatment from an ideal to move towards the reality

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Myopia treatment from an ideal to move towards the reality

Post by kakaka on Tue 04 Jan 2011, 4:45 pm

From "TCM the massage physical therapy -- -- -- therapeutic laser surgery" and so on a series of cheap dior sunglasses to the parents is initially embrace lets the child returned to normal eyesight mentality to treat, great expectations, but try a circle or disappointment. In everyone's mind calm down, a section called "good visual made intelligent zoom recovery mirror glasses appeared on the parents of the oakley sunglasses online, the claim to reduce degree, improve eyesight. It is this one minus degree that let parents filed a fascination, think ray ban 3025 even if recover from normal visual acuity, can control degree growth also is pretty good! Then in just a year's time, good visual made intelligent zoom recovery mirror raises a national myopia teenager’s change mirror revolution.
This pair of chanel sunglasses sale made intelligent zoom lens what is the recovery technology content? How the scientific background? Why can quickly sweep up myopia teenagers change mirror revolution? Survey found that good visual made by Shanghai visual jive optical technology Co., LTD. The introduction of more focus lens production technology, entrust king knight optical Co., cheap gucci sunglasses , leading technology, design and easy. In 2007, when published on December 15, is China's care of the next generation working committee designated as "national 100 thousand school eye care health city line" only eye care products, double the prada sunglasses sale.

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