Clinical data become powerful evidence

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Clinical data become powerful evidence

Post by kakaka on Tue 04 Jan 2011, 4:49 pm

Tianjin ophthalmic hospital 18 lid he, "wear teenagers gradual much focus glasses its myopia change research". Wear dior homme sunglasses focus myopia mirror 246; Wear glasses 228 focus more progressive. Observe 1 year. Results: single focus group average myopia increase - 125 D and 0.17 D. Gradual much focus group increased: 9 years old the following nearsighted in deepening - 0.66-0.5 D, 9-12 years old, in deepening - 0.42-0.58 D, 12-15 years to add - controls - 0.53 D, > 15 years to add - 0.4-0.45 D. Above research proof wear teenagers gradual much focus glasses can delay the men prada sunglasses.
"Good visual made" although it is effect, but concerned expert reminds, this men gucci sunglasses is only suitable for teenagers nearsighted patient, cheap chanel sunglasses does not apply. As teenagers are in body development period, not stable, in big myopia load homework under pressure, myopia rapidly deepen, even every year 1.00 D increases. Wear the asymptotic more focus ray ban wayfarer sunglasses , can control and the delay myopia heavier. Control delay type more focus lens for 7-18 years of age for use, myopia degree in - this D within, the scattered photometric in - 2.00 D, within two cheap oakley sunglasses deportee differ not exceed - 2.00 D. Early wear such glasses to study using method, and some dizzy, inspect content deformation etc unaccustomed reaction, wear a week later will gradually habit. More important is to should check regularly, three months, six months, and a year after the review once eyesight reviews myopia degree. As long as we persist often wears teenagers asymptotic more focus glasses, can prevent, control and delay myopic happening and development, can treat falseness myopia.

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