17 home optician's have serious quality problem

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17 home optician's have serious quality problem

Post by kakaka on Tue 04 Jan 2011, 4:54 pm

Yesterday, cheap dior sunglasses pledges inspect bureau announced the latest check glasses product quality supervision inspection results, and the results showed that the physical quality qualified for the past 8 years 94.8%) have satisfactory cosmetic, highest.
prada sunglasses sale pledges inspect bureau selective examination of resisted-tiredness home optician's resisted-tiredness batch inspection glasses products, via examining real quality qualified rate for 94.8%) have satisfactory cosmetic. However, through this quality supervision inspection, also found that some cheap gucci sunglasses substandard product, including ball mirror focal degrees, column top mirror top focal degrees, optical center level mutual difference, optical center horizontal distance, optical center vertical mutual difference and column lens axis position deviation, and other important chanel sunglasses sale is not qualified. City pledges inspect bureau experts point out that, adorn the unqualified glasses, can cause different degree of dizziness, nausea, inspect content is not clear, declining eyesight adverse effects.
Have serious quality problem of list enterprise with ray ban 3025, hued, benching etc circumjacent area primarily. This Guangzhou pledges inspect bureau qualitative inspect everywhere long Dakin peak say, because these oakley sunglasses online price low, glasses personnel quality relatively low be caused by.

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