Glass lens outfit anti? Children myopia increased 200 degrees

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Glass lens outfit anti? Children myopia increased 200 degrees

Post by kakaka on Tue 04 Jan 2011, 4:56 pm

Because of myopia, cheap oakley sunglasses (a pseudonym) matched a vice rounded glasses. But he wears glasses when watching ray ban wayfarer sunglasses , either watches on the left, right, just don't see either towards TV among look. His father ZhangQingPing said yesterday, located in cheap chanel sunglasses some hospital first-floor glasses center will two lenses outfit reverse, is to influence the major reasons. Tension eyesight Tension wear glasses half a year right eye, myopia deep 200 degrees.
Parents found:
Son always sideways to watch men gucci sunglasses
ZhangQingPing said last August 5, he take my son to Guangzhou a big hospital tension eye examination. The hospital doctor finally confirming that the tension eyes has myopia, need to match a vice pupil is the distance 57mm glasses, doctor therefore also made out an "eyeglasses prescription." Then they came to the hospital glasses centers for the tension choose a picture frame, and please vice round the staff here installed on the lens.
But tension with this pair of men prada sunglasses after six months, the son ZhangQingPing found occasionally frown, especially in watching TV in the process, he left, in a short while strabismus see right, is strabismus middle watch TV. April 2, due to suspected glasses quality to have a problem, ZhangQingPing take my son back the hospital inspection. The doctor looked at the tension eyes say after tension eyesight myopia is more sere, around eyes were than wear dior homme sunglasses before deep 100 degrees, 200 degrees, estimate the problem in lens.

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