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Post by jeanjin on Fri 10 Dec 2010, 4:36 pm

When pearl jewelry is mentioned, most people think immediately of its most classic incarnation: a simple string of pearls around the neck, stud earrings, and perhaps a bracelet to match. This look can work in a variety of settings, from the formality of a wedding to the business tiffany necklace sale of the office to a chic look for a night on the town. While most people think of round, smooth, white pearls in regard to this look, today a variety of colors of pearls are widely available.

Additionally, pearls come in many different shapes. Baroque pearls (pearls that are not round) most often result from being cultured, rather than wild. They are often conical in shape, and can lend a more unique look to jewelry.

Freshwater pearls also offer an interesting alternative to the traditional round pearl. Instead of being conical or spherical, they are very irregular in shape but still have the iridescence and color of saltwater pearls.

While the stud earring, strand necklace, and bracelet look is certainly a classic, many other types of jewelry make excellent use of the long-appreciated pearl. Designers like Coco Chanel have long appreciated strand after strand of pearl necklaces as the ideal accessory to bring a sense of coach bags outlet to an otherwise understated outfit.

In addition to stud earrings, pearl drop earrings are another classic, timeless incarnation of this type of jewelry. In the famous painting, Girl with a Pearl Earring by Johannes Vermeer, a single earring helps to transform a girl from a peasant to a work of art. Elegant pearl drop earrings convey the classic beauty of the pearl with the movement and interest of a drop earring.

There are many different types of pearl necklaces to choose from. Pearls have long been considered precious and symbolic, and are always classic, beautiful and appropriate. Taking good care of your pearls can give you a lifetime of use and a gorgeous heirloom to pass down to daughters or granddaughters to come.

Depending on your tastes, budget and coach purses outlet you plan to wear them with, choosing the right strand of pearls is something that takes a little bit of research. Here, from shortest to longest, I have described each style.

A “Collar” is usually three to five strands of pearls, all the same length, typically 12″ inches in length. It fits around the neck tightly, which is how it got its name.

A “Bib” is usually three to five strands of pearls in graduated lengths, creating a bib-like look.

A “Choker” is about 15″ in length and sits snugly against the base of the throat.

A “Princess” is about 18″ in length and is considered the standard or “classic” length for pearl necklaces. It sits just beneath the collar bone and suits low-cut gowns.

A “Matinee” is about 22″ in length and works well with formal or professional outfits.

An “Opera” is about 32″ in length and is considered the proper necklace length for wear with formal and opera air max 2011, hence the name it is given.

A “Rope” is typically as little as 36″ long, but often more. It is meant to be knotted or doubled and worn at half-length. It has also become trendy to wear it diagonally across the torso.

It is always important to take proper care of pearls. Always let perfumes and lotions dry before putting your necklace on. Do not spray hairsprays or perfumes directly onto pearls. When taking off your pearls, clean them with a soft cloth, slightly damp if pearls have somehow become tiffany rings sale. Do not submerge your pearls or use strong detergents on them.

If your pearls get worn often, consider having them restrung and reknotted annually to avoid breakage and loss of beads.

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