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Post by jeanjin on Fri 10 Dec 2010, 4:37 pm

Pearls used to create a pearl earring can be either natural or cultured, a technique of artificially stimulating the oyster to produce a tiffany necklace sale, perfected by Kokichi Mikimoto whose sought-after brand is now known worldwide. The shape of pearls in their natural state are often not of perfect quality necessary for fine jewelry, so most people opt for the finest cultured pearls when making their selection. There are a number of factors to consider when making a pearl earring selection.

Look at the body color or main color of the pearl, which can range from the very common white, cream and silver to the more exotic and highly prized black, gold, green and blue. In addition, there is an overtone of color called the translucent color atop this body color that adds warmth, luster and may even change a creamy white pearl into a pearl accented by green or blue.

Generally, the larger the pearl’s size, the more valuable it is, with sizing measured in milimeters using the pearl’s diameter. Select a pearl with high luster, its ability to reflect light. coach bags outlet vary from round and symmetrical to the more valuable baroque or irregular style.

A pearl earring can represent a significant investment, so be sure to care wisely for these beautiful gems. Store them in a soft cloth or felt bag away from other gemstones or jewelry, as they can be easily scratched or even cracked. Apply your make-up, hair spray or any other chemicals prior to attaching your earrings as these elements can quickly dull their luster. Clean your pearl earring with a soft dry cloth after every wearing, and occasionally wash them with a damp cloth and mild soap to extend their beauty.

Think about a piece of pearl jewelry. Generally, it is white or gold pearls, can be thought of as perfect, and is hard to get a hold of. Pearl bracelets are highly sought after for their beauty and how fashionable they are. Choosing the right string of pearls doesn’t have to be difficult, read on to learn more about pearls.

There is not an industry wide way to grade pearls. There are ways to know what to look for to know that you aren’t paying too much for something that isn’t worth your money. Most pearls these days are cultured because of how difficult it is to find the real deal in coach purses outlet. They simply implant a tiny bead inside an oyster, and gradually over time the oyster coats the bead in many layers of natural minerals and proteins. The layers are referred to as nacre (Nay-Ker). It is nacre that gives pearls their beautiful luster and color.

When buying a pearl bracelet you should consider the color, luster, shape of the pearl and surface markings. Colors of a pearl can range from white, white rose, pink, gold, silver or black. They come in many shapes and sizes. Sizes can range from 5-5.5 mm. to 13 mm. There are five basic shapes that pearls can come in, including round, and off round, oval, teardrop, and semi-baroque.

Pearls produce a deep shine, which is intense. It’s called luster. It is created when light reflects off the many layers of tiny calcium carbonate crystals that compose the pearl. When choosing a pearl bracelet the air max 2011 the pearl the more nacre it has in it, so the more luster it produces. The difference in luster is as clearly visible in the pearl sizes. When pearls are cared for properly they can last a lifetime. The best way to care for pearls is to wear them as much as possible. Your natural body oils keep pearls from losing their luster. It is however, important to keep your pearls away from chemicals. Makeup, perfume, and hairspray are all things that can dull the luster of your pearls. You should put your pearl bracelet on last thing when getting ready, and take them off first thing when you get home. These tips will help you to find the pearl bracelet that is right for you, and to keep them in good tiffany rings sale for the rest of your life.

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