"Trifocals" glasses are introduced

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"Trifocals" glasses are introduced

Post by kakaka on Tue 04 Jan 2011, 4:30 pm

These are called oakley sunglasses online by four lens two components, each for a group. The outermost a group of ray ban 3025 for the wearer real readings, and a group of lens side in a layer of interval by transparent silicone fluid is composed of the ductile films. When using, astronauts can according to the current action to zooming through promoting glasses - the crossbar sliding back to control liquid film going, change its chanel sunglasses sale.
YanZhiZhe introduction, wear such cheap gucci sunglasses , astronauts can in dim light close reading to small printing task list, and then looked at the ceiling to the international space station read various monitoring data, this prada sunglasses sale without as usual round-trip replacement glasses.
Of course, "Trifocals" formally deliver the astronauts before use, they also need through a series of tests, such as cheap dior sunglasses will they lit to see if it is releasing toxic gases. But for budget consideration, estimates that NASA will not burned too much vice. According to NASA has revealed that the thick and circular frame of the new generation glasses if enter the word of the market, its price should 900 dollars ($6111 Yuan RMB).

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