Peter Ethan class Julie visiting photographer wear glasses with suspected Kahayan

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Peter Ethan class Julie visiting photographer wear glasses with suspected Kahayan

Post by kakaka on Tue 04 Jan 2011, 4:31 pm

According to cheap dior sunglasses, Hollywood actor Brad Pitt (Brad Pitt) yesterday in Hungary, Ethan class, Angelina Julie (girlfriend Angelina Jolie) studios, visiting photographer. However, Peter day unexpectedly accidentally wearing a pair of glasses, doubt is already suffering from Kahayan.
Julie is currently Hungary directed prada sunglasses sale, "United digit Pitt also followed in lover, living in Budapest, and daily fixed to set Ethan class. On the same day, Pete, as always, punctual appearance at the scene, and guide Julie in filming the film of some details.
Filming clearance, Peter also played a cheap gucci sunglasses , for Julie photographer's tricks. What is worth mentioning, Peter at this time from pocket took out a pair of glasses wearing, from Peter was performance is concerned, he is the vision problems, otherwise, always love be cool, he would never have such behavior.
In fact, although Pitt now appearance on very young, his chanel sunglasses sale has as many as 46 years old, age, signs of aging eye problems, it is very normal things.
ray ban 3025 has lover's sweet care, why should I worry about film career anywhere. However, as a director Julie, recent or met one resignations, she and Johnny Deep (Johnny Deep) co-stars film, tourists "(The Tourist), partially close lens caused the latter wife Vanessa, pat Vanessa parades radii wire (), with rumors the oakley sunglasses online will be deleted both intense emotion drama. Julie efforts performance, lest be gone, fans will regret Miss Jolie and Johnny Deep’s sweet colorful scene.

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