Small face went glasses lead bedizen hot debate doubt is advertising

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Small face went glasses lead bedizen hot debate doubt is advertising

Post by kakaka on Tue 04 Jan 2011, 4:35 pm

"Someone once detest shortsighted reason lies in invisible cheap oakley sunglasses make its corneal inflammation, frame glasses make beautiful big discounts, and don't wear glasses will become half true myopia, thus it can be seen that she suffered heart torture is how deep. However, look good person is probably doing think so. It has a foreign small eyes good but to endure pain in his face, was a pair of ray ban wayfarer sunglasses , and will the tattoo process filmed on Internet, lead to a net friend an exclaimed.
According to cheap chanel sunglasses "daily post" on January 15, reports, at only know this guy named Matthew, nationality is unknown. From video that Matthew is absolutely a tattoo fans, and his neck and the arm brightly colored thorn ManWenShen. In contrast, his face white fair-kenneling instead a bit not harmonious, is this he will face went glasses reason?
Video of men gucci sunglasses look your confidence, his girlfriend and tattoo teacher but appear timid. Hands-on former tattoo teacher asked: "are you sure? Went good can can't back out now." Matthew is said firmly start!"
Experienced several hours after suffering of men prada sunglasses, Matthew braved bloodshot eyes smiles to the lens face, a deputy dark glasses look very strange.
This period of video was put online later, someone for Matthew courage, and gave more people would say he's a bit of a brain rot, later true if want to wear glasses to do. Besides and others say, MaXiuWen the glasses very much like the famous lay Bourne brand sunglasses, and maybe dior homme sunglasses is lay Bourne company and Matthew joint ownership once advertising, if so, then they this creative but too high and clear.

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