Common glasses successfully solved myopic population "see" problem

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Common glasses successfully solved myopic population "see" problem

Post by kakaka on Tue 04 Jan 2011, 4:37 pm

China is "myopia kingdom"; wear dior homme sunglasses of about 3 million. Among them, the teen-agers myopia group, accounting for an increasingly large than digital unsurprising: pupils myopia occurrence rate of 30 percent junior middle school students, 60%, high school is as high as 80%. It was really a feast of cheap oakley sunglasses with learning long, someone jokingly said: this life "kinship (students)" is full of myopia.
Talking about myopia natural will talk about ray ban wayfarer sunglasses . Glasses (concave lens) invention, solved see clear problem, as the savior of the same patient near-sighted. But with wearing the extension of men prada sunglasses, the malpractice gradually revealed. The first is worn degree after the deepening of, according to the statistics, the average teenager an annual number myopia growth in 75-100 degrees, have to replace a higher degree of glasses, and finally to the abyss of men gucci sunglasses, Secondly, the deformation of the degree of eyes will make the ocular axial length elevated longer, like table tennis is compressed for cheap chanel sunglasses, as variable from round flat, affect beautiful, Once again, is dry eyes, fatigue, watery symptoms. This series of problems intense summon a more scientific and more advanced myopia treatment appeared!

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