Good visual made more focus is gradual development update product. Glasses

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Good visual made more focus is gradual development update product. Glasses

Post by kakaka on Tue 04 Jan 2011, 4:39 pm

Speculative gradual mirror development oakley sunglasses online, experienced the following six generations. First generation in 1785 around the double light appear piece, malpractice lies in vision can't jump too big, like continuous, The second ray ban 3025 is 1959-1971 appear symmetric type lenses, malpractice is look aside the effect not beautiful, object-image distortion obvious, can "head with things turn", The third generation is physiological lenses, appear in chanel sunglasses sale, peripheral astigmatic zone problem effectively controlled, more suitable for clinical wearing, The fourth generation is designed lenses, appear in 1981-1992 between, through a variety of cheap gucci sunglasses , greatly satisfy the wearer's visual physiology demand; 93 years to 2006 appear comfortable model, make wearer lens further get better movement vision, closer to normal physiological condition.
Development up to now good visual made prada sunglasses sale, belongs to the gradual recovery lens of the 6th generation products, pioneered the overall design new ideas, lens is divided into glazing intelligent depending on the distant district, under light intelligent depending on the area near, intelligent zoom area on both sides and visual Jiaozuo area, first use lens on a series of different cheap dior sunglasses (focus) realized the eyes to see far see almost effortless, glasses to focus, make an eye JieZhuangJi is always in the "absolute relaxed state", timely prevented eye axis stretched, effectively prevent degree burn.

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